Katara Publishing House is one of the cultural projects emanating from the Katara Cultural Village Foundation. It aims to provide a regional and international platform for literary and cultural production. It also aims to enhance public interest in the Arabic novel, cultural studies, and research to increase knowledge and consolidate Arab and Islamic cultural identity and heritage by publishing the works of promising writers.

The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara launched Katara Publishing House in 2018. Following its launch, the house produced an eclectic collection of books and documentation in the field of heritage, science and culture, and literary works by a group of Qatari authors. It also published novels and critical studies that won the Katara Prize for the Arabic Novel. This initiative comes within the framework of the Cultural Village Foundation’s objectives, as part of its support for writers and authors, and enhance their role in enriching knowledge and culture in Qatar and the Arab world.


We seek to make Katara Publishing House a cultural edifice that supports Qatari and Arab writers, and a creative platform at every level to support them and launch them onto the world, so that Qatar becomes a beacon of Arab and Islamic culture and identity, within the framework of integration and cooperation with those in the service of the cultural and literary movement in the region.


Supporting the Arab cultural scene, launching a real dialogue that contributes to strengthening coexistence at the global level, and creating an intellectual and cultural diversity in the Arab world with commitment to Arab and Islamic values, norms and legacies, as well as welcoming all generations of creative writers to produce distinguished works.


  • Enhancing and supporting Arab production for the human advancement of the values ​​of truth, goodness, and beauty, and confirming the Arab civilizational identity through our various publications.
  • Enriching the Arabic library with distinguished Arabic productions in all fields.
  • Introducing Arab writers, researchers and novelists and highlighting the constructive civilized role they play in enriching human culture and Arab literature and promoting dialogue among civilizations and building a spirit of understanding between nations through translating these works into multiple languages.
  • Contributing to Arab culture and honoring it through written creativity and support of its creators.
  • Appreciating those who contributed to enriching Arab culture through their distinguished works, encouraging and motivating creativity of the youth, and creating a spirit of constructive competition in various fields.